The boom beauty shopping without leaving home


E – commerce is experiencing a moment of splendor. The Spaniards have changed their perception of e-commerce to purchase products. Just 10 years ago, only the most experienced internet technology used to purchase show tickets or airline tickets. In 2016, a button on the smartphone enough to make the purchase in Mercado from an application without leaving home. Thus a study by the Seal Confidence Online with the support of Comprehensiveness , in which 770 people participated, Cheap van hire in london of which 51% were men and 49% women. Their data show, for example, that 61% of respondents have a high confidence or high in e -commerce , 80% have had no impact on last year when shopping online and 70% confirms that it has bought more so far in 2016 throughout 2015. in short, it is becoming more secure, fast, comfortable and easy.

“The quality of service has improved a lot. Today you place an order and have it tomorrow morning. And you produce a double illusion, at the time of purchase and when you receive your package ” slides Anabel Vazquez, founder of the website cosmetic niche Laconic um , born in March 2012. Indeed, in the world of beauty striking the boom . Such purchases are often “very escapist” and consumers to smell like a perfume, touch the texture of a cream or a lipstick tested before purchasing the product. How have these platforms replace the physical store experience?

“It ‘s very important to play on your website that pleasant time, make it a playful point. We wanted people to be lost at sea, that did not reflect anxiety sale, but you lead her through the content. We care much the items we chose, each brand has a story behind and we want to tell those stories, give the product values. and, when the goods, nothing appears on expenditure already made is received and that the packaging is as care possible , “says Maria Martinez, member of Anabel, who further explains. “The emotional component is critical to us we love search links with the customer, being across the e-mail and telephone, we are obsessive with personalized attention”.

The potential of digital technology is such that surprising arrival of electronic commerce as a giant Sep hora in Spain in 2016, being one of the most international cosmetic chains.Man and van services in london “We know we arrived late but, above all, we wanted a store operation online flawless and, above all, to position very quickly as the largest community of beauty also on the internet”, say the spokesmen of the French chain, which have opted for the web for “accessibility, exclusivity, variety and immediacy” as well as consistency with their usual channel. “If we do not move, shop online is there to give us everything we want or need.”

As just started, the percentage of sales compared to the network of physical stores is still very small, however, the result is well above the target they had set. “More than 85% are women and a good percentage of them are millennials , as this target are looking for niche best moving company in london brands Korean cosmetics or very special makeup as Kay On D or Urban Decay, which were previously only abroad and and they knew through tutorials, forums,  recommends, bloggers and influences “.