Christmas Gifts for Children

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This week I received two sets of boards of two companies with very different toys to large stores (those who always have a completely pink hallway) to hit with children’s Christmas gifts offer.

On the one hand eight recommendations of Cutouts an electronic eCommerce shop dedicated exclusively to the toy responsible (toys that combine ecology, safety, tractability, fair trade, not sexism and durability) and including a reflection of its founding partners before which few would show disagreed: “Let the message moves to our children a toy breaking the first opportunity. Buy, break, and pull back to buy. A spiral of consumerism which does not take care toys or take responsibility for them. ”

Moreover, another online store called Lumpectomy specializing in teaching and educational toys supervised by pedagogues, warns of the importance of taking into account the stage where the child is and offers a Decalogue more focused on safety.

All you have is common sense truth , the vast majority very obvious, nothing we can not imagine ourselves, but not much to remember at this time.

It is true that they all seem to ignore the fact that children begin to choose very soon they want to receive in the sack of Santa Claus or the saddlebags of the Magi, but it is also true that parents can (and should) influence a lot on their decisions.

By the way, with stories always succeeds. With most sames table too. Activities outdoors, plays, musicals, visits to museums … are also an excellent choice considering that in many homes and overflowing toys to an embarrassing point. And there is always the option of solidarity gifts actually do wish to bring here the recommendation of neighbor blog In search of a second chance to give the sponsorship of an animal to instill love and respect for other living beings.

Without losing sight of the foregoing, surely safety should be the main objective. To do this, you should consider the following recommendations for choosing a toy that does not involve risks:

  1. Buy toys in stores, online shops or trust marks, since, normally maintain levels stricter safety.
  2. Choosing the right toy for age, skills and abilities of the child. If this is not respected it is very dangerous, because it can injure the child, especially if it is less than three years.
  3. Buy with maximum security guarantees. This requires buy toys bearing the CE mark (European Conformity) and take into account the manufacturer’s safety recommendations to indicate on the label.
  4. Follow the instructions for installation and use in the company of an adult. Always keep the instructions and information on the toy in a safe place
  5. periodically review the status of toys. You should check if they are worn or broken as they may be a risk to the health and safety of the child.
  6. Supervise the child’s play. The toy has to be used in the manner indicated and be appropriate to their age and skills.
  7. Teach children to keep toys collected and ordered to avoid any accidents. Never leave toys in transit zones or on stairs.
  8. Do not let children under 3 years toys with small parts and control toys older brothers as if contact could suffer asphyxiation due to the tendency to put toys in their mouths.
  9. Discard all packaging, but keep the instructions. The bags could be a choking hazard. Also recycle batteries and batteries correctly.
  10. Contact the manufacturer and relevant public authorities, if it finds a security problem in the toy.